26 Best iPhone Apps For Your Car

With such a huge array of apps available for the hugely popular iPhone, we decided to wade through the iTunes store and pluck out what we think are 26 of the most useful automotive iPhone apps available!

Don’t agree with us? Missed out your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

#26. Repair Pal


Whether it’s an auto emergency, a roadside breakdown, or just a small problem, RepairPal can help. RepairPal tells you the right price to pay for your repair, finds you a great mechanic in the area, and gives you one-touch access to roadside assistance.

Be prepared 24/7 for a car emergency. Get the peace of mind and confidence you need to get behind the wheel of your automobile. With RepairPal, you’re covered everywhere you go in the US – we cover every zip code and city.

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#25. Drive Safe


Study has shown that 20% of first time exam takers will fail the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) knowledge exam. Save your time at DMV and money by studying the exam with Drive Safe. Better yet, you will become a more knowledgeable driver along the way!

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#24. iWrecked


iWrecked is a fully featured, accident resource for easily logging all details and info after being involved in a wreck. Conveniently, take unlimited photos of the damage and accident scene with your phone. The app can also generate a detailed, professional-looking PDF accident report with images, which you can send directly from the app to your insurance company.

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#23. AccuFuel


AccuFuel™ Fuel Efficiency Tracker is a powerful tool that makes monitoring your vehicle’s fuel efficiency simple and fun.

With AccuFuel™, you’ll instantly see how your driving habits affect your fuel efficiency. If you are hypermiling because of rising gas prices, use AccuFuel™ as a gauge to track your progress. Track multiple vehicles as well and see them just by swiping your finger across the screen. View your mileage in MPG (U.S.), MPG (UK), L/100km, or km/L! In addition, use the standard or trip odometer.

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#22. Car Care


Car Care enables users to easily track  gas mileage for all their automobiles and be reminded of regular car maintenance with a customizable, user-friendly interface.

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#21. GreenFuel


GreenFuel helps you locate alternative fuel stations currently in the United States. There are several apps available out there that point you to conventional gas stations, but GreenFuel is the only app dedicated to alternative fueling stations.

Most people with alternative fuel vehicles struggle with sparse options for fueling stations, and it can be daunting to take a long trip, not knowing if you’ll soon be calling a tow truck! GreenFuel allows you to see what stations exist along any route, giving you confidence to travel where ever you want to go!

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#20. Navigon


With the NAVIGON MobileNavigator you can transform your iPhone into a fully functional mobile navigation system that is every bit as good as the multi-award-winning personal navigation devices from NAVIGON in terms of its user-friendliness and features.

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#19. Take Me To My Car

take me to my car

How many times did you forget where you parked your car? This application solves the problem: with only one tap save your current position and next time you start the app you’ll have walking directions to your car in front of you! What if you parked in a garage or lot? You can use this app as a compass: we display the distance and the map will tell you the direction. Browse or pinch to zoom in/out.

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#18. Tripit

Trip It

TripIt Travel Organizer puts all your travel plans right on your iPhone no matter where your travel was booked! Forward travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com to build a trip itinerary.

Then, access your travel info from your iPhone any time with our free app.

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#17. Pack & Go Deluxe

pack go deluxe

When going on vacation with the family do you ever forget to pack your toiletry bag, your teenager’s favorite jeans, your spouse’s passport, your pet’s vaccination proof, or your baby’s milk bottle? Perhaps in your very busy life, you need a simple reminder of what to pack for a short excursion to a local theme park or on a long trip to a far away destination.

Pack and Go Deluxe is your simple solution to make sure you pack everything you need for your next trip so that you are always prepared and have peace of mind.

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#16. Roadside America

Roadside America

Never miss a giant twine ball, crazy museum or statue again. See what’s nearby with reports, maps, photos — all powered by RoadsideAmerica.com and the foremost experts in offbeat US tourist attractions for 25 years.

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#15. Rest Area Finder

Rest Area Finder

This Free application automatically finds your location and displays nearby rest areas. The rest areas are displayed on a map along with your current location. In addition to rest areas, scenic vistas and welcome centers are also shown on the map. The rest areas are displayed with different colored hot air ballon icons. To find out more information about each place you simply click on the hot air ballon icon. When you click on an icon more information such as amenities are given to you.

As you move, the application will notice your location has changed and automatically update the map. There is a settings icon on the bottom right of the map that allows you to change how far out (from your current location) you want to look. You can change this from 100 to 500 miles.

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#14. Kids Eat For

kids eat for

When you have kids and want to go out to eat, Kids Eat For will help you find a local restaurants offering a Kids Eat Free or discount specials.

Simply open Kids Eat For on your iPhone or iPod touch and you’ll immediately see a list of restaurants near you offering a special on kids meals. There’s an icon next to each listing to help you see if the special is good for today or some other day.

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#13. Find My Car!

Find my car

Find My Car! is a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you find your car. You will never forget where you parked!

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#12. TomTom UK and Ireland

TomTom UK

TomTom Europe  app for iPhone or iPod Touch allows users to beat the jams every day with first class traffic information.

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#11. FuzzyCodes

Fuzzy Codes

FUZZYCodes is an automotive Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) search utility, powered by the FUZZYLUKE diagnostic system.

Every time your “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light comes on, there are one or more DTCs that caused your light to come on.

If you or a friend have a simple On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-2) trouble code reader, FUZZYCodes can help you find out the root cause of that code.

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#10. TrafficAlert

Traffic Alert

This app aims to provide near-instantaneous alerts to road users about the conditions on the road. The alerts are triggered by (1) fellow users and (2) updates from LTA Traffic News web site.

At the moment, fellow users can notify others about the presence of traffic policemen or about traffic congestion. Once a new alert is triggered by a user, a push notification will be sent to other users as well.

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#9. Speedbox

speed box

SpeedBox is a fairly simple iPhone app that displays the current speed and distance that you’re traveling at, by making use of the iPhone 3G’s built in GPS receiver.

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#8. VehiCal – Car Expense Management


VehiCal makes it easy to record and manage vehicle mileage and expenses for personal and business use. Track fuel consumption information, including fuel economy, gas prices, and pump totals, as well as vehicle expenses with customizable lists such as repairs, highway tolls, and parking costs. This provides you with comprehensive information of your vehicle’s operational costs and can help you keep tabs on fuel efficiency and keeping your vehicle well maintained. VehiCal’s flexible calculations give you a controlled view of your vehicles fuel consumption which is increasingly important as fuel costs continue to rise.

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#7. Pocket Dyno

Pocket Dyno

PocketDyno measures vehicle performance, providing up to 20 different metrics that report time, distance, speed, acceleration, and power. It also enables users to create a vehicle profile to store and compare test runs or evaluate vehicle modifications.

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#6. MileBug

mile bug

For all lovers of larger tax returns, MileBug is a pretty cool iPhone application that makes it easy to track your tax-deductible mileage straight from your handset..

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#5. Pocket Parking Meter

pocket parking meter

Pocket Parking Meter helps you to avoid any nasty parking fines by offering a real time display and reminder of exactly how long you’ve been parked, and the potential overage charge you’ll have to pay.

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#4. Carticipate


Save money on gas while helping the environment by carticipating with friends, family, groups, or co-workers. Coordinate driving plans, carpool, or a ride share by indicating where you are going, when, and post your ride. We will match you to local carticipants going your way.

The scheduler allows you to create and manage multiple trips where you define the “From” and “To” locations.

Carticipate comes with a list of pre-loaded example destinations which you can edit, delete, or add for your own custom locations.

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#3. Gas Buddy

gas buddy

Gas prices change frequently and may vary as much as 20% within only a few blocks. It’s important to be able to find the service station with the lowest priced fuel.

GasBuddy is probably the most comprehensive source of gas prices in the US and Canada, with the GasBuddy app fast becoming the most feature-rich fuel finder available for the iPhone.

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#2. Trapster


Trapster is a free iPhone application that alerts you as soon as you approach speed traps, red lights, speed cameras, police check points, and other painful wallet hazards.

Trapster currently has over 5,000,000 active users worldwide submitting and reporting the latest trap locations and other costly hazards.

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#1. Dynolicious


Dynolicious uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to measure your vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration, quarter mile elapsed time, horsepower, lateral G’s, and several other performance metrics. A history of test results for your car are saved, so averages and trends can instantly be retrieved. Dynolicious also allows you to record modifications made to your car, and to evaluate the resulting gains (or losses) in power and performance.

Dynolicious has support for both US and International units of measurement, including MPH or km/h speeds, lb or kg weights, and HP or kW power figures.

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